Shyly testing the water

Shy come back, since my partner in crime is back on LJ, under a new guise mrsmaupin. I may not post a lot in the beginning, I have to take new marks, pee on the furniture,... the usual stuff. I left because I felt that the LJ-crowd had gone rather cold, and I didn't feel welcome anymore. I hope it will be better know.

Anyway : HI, I'M BACK !

(no subject)

As there is a new Lj to DW exile, I just want to remind those that might be interested that my name over there is wataya, not heileen. I wanted a clear change when I created my DW, so I chose a name that had absolutely no link whatsoever with what you may know of me. So just don't be surprised :))


oh and please ! friend me if I haven't find your DW already.

No, Cate, it will not do

I know, it's great that women who are no more 25 can still get great parts in movie, and I'm happy for you and your career, Cate Blanchett. But there is a limit. And the limit is that you are too old to play maid Marian in the new Robin Hood.