No, Cate, it will not do

I know, it's great that women who are no more 25 can still get great parts in movie, and I'm happy for you and your career, Cate Blanchett. But there is a limit. And the limit is that you are too old to play maid Marian in the new Robin Hood.
Lol, but I love Cate Blanchett... but maybe it should then be rephrased to spinster Marian ;)
You're wrong
What are you some kind of sexist?
If you have Russell Crowe 45, who is portraying Robin Hood, what do you want a 20 year old Maid Marion? Get a grip and realize these are movies, movies aren't real. Hey, newsflash, Robin Hood isn't real; therefore in the land of movie making, try growing up and let your imagination soar.

Or better yet, isn't Twilight still playing? That may suit you better.
No, *you're* wrong, Nyah!
Really? If you're going to insult her for having an opinion, at least man up enough to not post anonymously.

And yeah, 'maid' does seem to be pushing it a bit. Love the woman, though, so maybe they'll just call her 'Marion'. lol
Re: You're wrong
First, it does matter to me what your name is, I'm not speaking with stalker. Then, yes, I was wrong to post this publicly, because you're the obvious proof of the stupidity of said "public".

Now, to answer your rude comment, no I'm not sexist, I just know my social history. A woman -- every woman -- was married young. A woman sole purpose was to have babies. Period. You need to be young and fertile. I'm not responsible for past times mysoginity, I hate it, but it doesn't mean I have to be as stupid as you and just ignore it by the great power of imagination and movieland.

Why didn't I make the same comment about Russel Crowe ? I both read the synopsis and know the legend : Robin Hood is supposed to have been in the army and to the crusades. The crusades in themselves took many years and young men came back not so young anymore. It didn't matter, men are not like women : they can marry older and still have babies. See ? It's period.

Movies aren't real ? Yeeeeeeees... Supeeeeer... So actually nothing matters... Movies aren't real, so they don't have to be believable. You know what ? Some people do think it does matter that movies look real.

Oh, and about that comment about Twillight : stupid, obviously. I like realism in movie and you suggest me a movie about glittering vampires. smart...

Well, maybe if they're re-making that one where Sean Connery played an ageing Robin Hood & Maid Marion had become a nun...


(or maybe it's "old maid Marion"?)
anonymous again
Even if I did post my name, what the heck would it matter to you? You wouldn't know who, where or what I am anyway?

Another newsflash for you, when you make public post, then you are going to get replies that you don't agree with or don't like. WOW!!!

Well, all of you can just stay home then, and let the big kids see this version, it's just to mature for you.
Re: anonymous again
Comment that I don't agree with OK. Aggressive comments are not part of the contract.
Re: anonymous again
What a rude person you are!
And a coward too, if I may say so. A public post isn't an invitation to insult the author, especially one who is (at least I hope she still is after your insults) open enough not to lock her posts.

I'd like to state that the unmature part is not Heileen, who states her opinion openly, but the anonymus comment writer. Do us all a favour: Log in with your username, or sign your posts. For a coward without a name you already received too much attention.
I've read the synopsis and this Marian is Lady Marian who has been widowed. Besides, I think she is MUCH better suited for the Marian role than Sienna Miller. She just so happens to be the best actress of her generation, so I'm looking forward to it! :)
In the synopsis I read, they only spoke of Robin Hood, and on imdb, she's credited as "Maid Marian". But if she's a widow, yes, now, it does make sense.

As for Sienna Miller, I had no idea that she was considered for the part, but it doesn't seem very believable. You just don't hesitate between Sienna Miller and Cate Blanchett ! They are just two worlds apart in terms of acting abilities.
I like Cate Blanchett, and I do look forward to this Robin Hood adaptation. Altough I guess I need to blend out any medieval art history, any known artefacts and such after seeing the pictures on the web and just enjoy a nice fantasy movie. So Cate Blanchett's age doesn't bother me.

Let's say: Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott are a great team, I enjoyed "a good year" and I did enjoy "Gladiator" - altough about Gladiator my "inner historian" whispers very persistently: "The only thing real in there is the fact that it's set in Rome"