No more public posts

Some dumbass is aggressing me without even having the decency to put his/her name. I don't have time for stupidities like that.

I thought the "anonymous" posts were rude & obviously whoever made them wasn't even willing to attach their name to their opinion. I was not impressed with them, to put it mildly.

Just because you post "public" doesn't mean people can attack you like that, it wasn't posted in a community but in your private journal, how the heck did someone just happen to come across it. The very last comment, which was also anonymous did post something interesting saying that Marian in this case would be the Lady who was widowed which is more befitting for Blanchetts age.
A public post is no invitation to insult the author, apparently "anonymus" doesn't understand that.

I do understand your decision, altough it's sad.
Most of my posts -- the private and costumey ones -- were arealdy private. It's no big deal really, to not make public posts anymore. I will no more share my brightness with the world ! Only with my friends, like you :))
Saw the nasty comments just today. What a retarded brat ! I understand your decision *hugs*