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As there is a new Lj to DW exile, I just want to remind those that might be interested that my name over there is wataya, not heileen. I wanted a clear change when I created my DW, so I chose a name that had absolutely no link whatsoever with what you may know of me. So just don't be surprised :))


oh and please ! friend me if I haven't find your DW already.
Actually, I was convinced I was already friend with you ! I have too many people on my f-list, I manage it awefully.

I'm in love with your work with the fashion plates from the Arts Décoratifs Library ! this is invaluablely (err... is this a word...?) helpful.
Hehe, I've been there. No worries.

I'm so glad you're finding it helpful! I really want to do another upload; it just gets a bit tedious sometimes. :p The cropping isn't bad, but trying to rotate 1 or 2 degrees to get them straight (when they're photos, not scans) is a bit of a pain! But it's totally worth it. I still can't get over the size and quality of them.